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Management Services

Avgeco is surrounded by a team composed of engineers, accountants and highly experienced business leaders that realize successful construction projects. Therefore, Avgeco will help you in every aspect the management of a construction project.

Avgeco can also administer a construction contract. By being a law firm and a multidisciplinary firm, who else is better placed to administer the contract than the one who drafted and negotiated the construction contract, that is involved in all other administrative steps of a projects and that speaks the same language than the other parties involved in the project, meaning the particular language of the construction industry. Sébastien Demers being himself a contractor with the family business, where all family members are involved, possess the legal language together with the technical language.

In addition, Avgeco helps and assists foreign companies that which to do business in Quebec and Canada. Avgeco represents several American and European companies that realise construction projects in Quebec and Canada. Said foreign companies benefit from Avgeco’s services from the beginning of their activities in Quebec and Canada and along the completion of their projects together with the daily management of their activities.

Risk Management

Construction projects are known to be a risky adventure. They are always unique and complex. Numerous surprises arise during a construction project, from the tender call stage up to the period of guaranty after the acceptance of the work. People involved in the project will make important decision throughout the project due to several sources of risk and uncertainty.

To avoid increase of delay and cost, to achieve profitability in money and in time, you need to identify the sources of the risk and control or diminish their impact. Authors have identified, among others, sources of risk in a construction project: owner interference, inadequate contractor experience, financing and payments, labour shortage and productivity, slow decision making, improper planning and subcontractors.

Tender call documents and its procedure, contractual and insurance risks and change in work leading to extra costs can also bring major issues. Identifying and answering those risks at the beginning and along the project will result in neutralizing said risk and achieve your goals at the end of the work.

Avgeco will help during every phase of a project. Among others, Avgeco help you review the tender documents, identifying the risks, the intent and the task to be accomplished, drafting, reviewing and negotiating contractual documents, reviewing and negotiating insurance requirements and preparing and negotiating your construction claim.

Commercial and Construction Arbitration

Me Demers is a certified arbitrator (UdeS/IMAQ) with an expertise for commercial and construction dispute. He can act for local, national and international dispute.

Our services

Avgeco will accompany you in all the stages of management of your construction project and in the negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts. Avgeco also assists foreign companies in their acquisition project in Canada.

  • Drafting, revision, interpretation and negotiation of construction and commercial contracts

  • Drafting, reviewing and interpreting tender call documents

  • Governance and management of construction projects

  • Help and assist foreign companies wishing to do business and acquisitions in Quebec and Canada

  • Arbitration in the following areas of expertise:

    - Construction
    - Commercial
    - Manufacturing
    - Business law
    - Architecture
    - Engineering
    - International business

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